Friday, September 7, 2012

"Spit that hook...

tie me to the mast no time for tomorrow
sirens are at it tattered singing out thier sorrow."
                                                                         -Mac Jones
"Brows furled up but the mind is feeling it
hooked on sin and the devil's  reeling it."
                                                                        - phillyvanilly
"Let us begin with the method, its madness
brought to the people with a grin, in its sadness

walk to the very bitter end where it's sad is wringing out the bends in the end where it's hat sits."

                                                                         -MC Square

"the above three quotes are completely unrelated"
                                                                          - I just typed that

Whole lot of preamble but not much message, I am back up and running around on the net once again. 


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