Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stow aways....

My friend Patrick has a theory:  Once all the stuff gets where it's going, the world will end.

It certainly seems that I spend much of my time moving things from place to place, and I am sure that most can relate.  But we've reached the far end of our list and the last thing to do is Leave it.

On the new guy side of things this is an easy equation:  If you don't know what to do with a thing, don't touch it.  Pulling the focus a bit and revisiting the computer metaphor we can state this a different way.  When faced with a problem for which there seems to be no ostensible solution: Open a new window.

For the new guy, the last two options may seem to be less valid than the first two: obviously I would want things put away if I had my druthers (or at least gotten closer to being put away).  The objective reality of the studio/shop environment can be far too complex for the neophyte to grasp quickly; sometimes the only option is to give up.

This should not be viewed as failure.  The seeming capitulation belies the strength of this option: by relinquishing our attachments we can more easily surrender to the flow.

When we pull the focus all the way out to the realm of pure concept we see that abandonment is really the only option we have!  The old hand may struggle with a concept or technique for hours, days or years before coming to the realization that it is simply time to open a new window.  The sooner we learn to renounce the associations we have made in regards to an individual piece, the sooner we are able to see it for the first time.  In this way, we can learn to put ourselves in a frame of mind that allows for a close approximation of multiple first impressions.

So the goal becomes:  Solving problems through the path of least resistance. 

Our Motto:

Consistently striving to do our best...
Consciously choosing to do the least...

Put another way:

When we focus on what is good, we may never know what is right...
When we focus on what is right, we cannot fail to create that which is good...

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