Friday, July 6, 2012

Move it!

It is always possible to see old things in a new way, it just takes the right perspective.*

We are at number four in a five part system and that puts us through the looking glass.  Your object has no home, and can not be consolidated: so just move it.  This brings us to fork in the road.

Zooming in we see the apprentice wondering where a particular item may belong.  They only need access to some further point in the shop, but cannot reach it for this items interference.  Simply moving the item allows them access.

Zooming out we have an old hand unable to hook up with the flow of the shop in a particular area, perhaps some mental baggage needs to be shuffled.

Moving a piece of steel may allow access to a drill press, changing an items category or status may allow us to view it in a new way.  The real trick here is learning how to move something effectively.  For physical items, trial and error with a bit of instructions will usually suffice:  Hands, carts and forklifts comprise a small slice of a pie that has been baking for millennium, assembled through generations to help us with the effort of moving.  Mental objects can prove difficult. 

The difficulties with mental objects come in many forms, and may differ from person to person.  What works for me may not work for you, and so the framework that exists for moving things is all but useless for ideas. One trick I employ has become known as: The rabbit in the road, useful for potentially stressful situations.  Other techniques are useful for other situations, and we will go into those later.

* By default this means it is also possible to see new things in an old way, but this almost goes without saying.

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