Sunday, July 1, 2012

Green Coal

 Having a new person in the shop always creates great chance to take a fresh look at the shop and it's processes.  Since everyone has a different perspective trying to reach a new person and learning how to communicate with them brings up new issues and ideas that I may have never thought of.

Callum Doherty is the new intern in the shop and for a while at least, I am going to set down all the things we discuss and so give an idea of what it is to be the new guy, how to go about wrapping your head around a shop and its functions etc....

Depending on the circles you run in, this process is known by different names.  As blacksmiths, we call it "Green Coal"*

Incidentally, Callum came to us through Hawk Circle and to H.C. through The Orion Network.

*Green coal is a term used by blacksmiths that refers to soft, or bituminous coal before it has been turned into coke.  Because most blacksmiths who forge in "coal" actually forge in coke made from coal, green coal is worthless as fuel until worked under the influence of the smith: a raw material with potential that can only be reached through that influence.  Beginner's classes are often referred to as "green coal" 

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