Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Frank & Beans

(submitted by Justin)
While doing the least and best is a good motto for the shop, it also implies a certain competency to know what is right and wrong within the value context of 'best'. As someone trying to learn the process, shop, and economic flows, my motto is simpler.

Listen and learn...
Ask clarifying questions.

Frank took us to Spraker Falls a weekend ago, an informative trip. Frank Snyder has a welding and machine shop, Snyder's Machine/Welding, right off the interstate in Canojoharie and makes the best pulled pork I've ever tasted - and I lived in traveled in the south for about 15 years! He cooks it up in a cooker made out of propane tanks and a hand crank bellows. You can't help but learn something just by talking to him, which makes any business transaction a value added proposition to begin with.

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