Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Do what you can....

Callum in the tin shop, making small box bottoms on the bar folder.
And so we have arrived at the answer to our question:  Do what you can.

This may seem obvious.  In practice, actually doing what I can has proven to be one of the most elusive goals of my life so far.  Don't get me wrong, I've done a lot and had a pretty full life so far, my CV makes me happy and every day I find a little more joy and peace.  The thing is: I could be doing more.  And I know it.

The thing that causes me to do less than I am capable of is that I am only doing what I am able.  There's an old saw often employed on this branch of philosophy:  "Your reach should exceed your grasp." A great sentiment but how do we apply it?  Like an object in clear water, this statement seems to move depending on the angle it's viewed from.  Should I always want more than I have? Am I never to be happy with what I get?

The key to this concept, like so many others, is dissolution.  When we pull the focus far enough out   we can gain a better view.  Once I get myself and my ego's attachments out of the way, I see that I am never happy with I get, but that this doesn't matter.  It also does not mean that I am doomed to a life devoid of happiness, constantly trying to stockpile an ever growing hoard of meaningless objects.  My seeming insatiability isn't aimed at collecting material wealth.

Imagine yourself on the monkey bars in a grade school playground. Swinging from bar to bar, you are in a state of flux.  Your reach constantly exceeds your grasp, but in motion you are also constantly attaining your goal.  This is why I place such high importance on Finding and maintaining the flow.  Only in the state of relaxed consciousness do we truly see the path.  In that state we are able to make conscious decisions without knowledge of the consequences.  Because we are in the flow, we will naturally seek the path of least resistance.    

Our goal then:  Abandon control in order to be swept into the flow that we might follow the path of least resistance.  Where the path leads is not our concern.  We have long established that the journey is more important than the destination.

This is probably the most frightening thing for the new guy.  All I can say for now, is that you have to trust the system.  We will get into this a bit more down the road.  For now...

Our  motto:

Walk toward fear...
Run from resistance.

Let's tighten our focus a bit and come back down to the personal level.  There are a few specific techniques we can use in the studio/shop.  This is pretty loose stock at the moment, let's let it simmer a bit and I will come in later and tighten it up.

1.  surrendering
2.  upgrading
3.  quitting
4.  refocusing
5.  dissolving

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