Friday, July 6, 2012

Conceptual Movement

(submitted by Justin)
The differences, similarities and interrelated nature of conceptual and physical objects are important to keep in mind, if only so that they can be put of mind intentionally and deliberately.

The movement of physical objects is a catalyst for the movement of conceptual object. The act of considering an object in the real world, such as a hammer or anvil, is also the act of bringing that object's conceptual meaning to mind, unless those objects are deliberately ignored.

The degree to which the conceptual meanings we bring to mind in our daily routines relates directly or indirectly to the real world artifacts we interact with is the degree to which we can be said to be in touch with reality. In other words, if you look at, feel, and sit in a desk environment and bring to mind a pleasant beach fantasy, you are somewhat out of touch with reality - daydreaming. The objective observation here is that you are always in touch with reality, daydreaming about a beach is just the act of creating a symbolic connection between a vision of the beach and your current physical environment.

If you can control your thoughts, you can control your reality. Within my ontology, some symbolic connections are meaningful and create insight. When I am interfacing with a tool shop, I prefer to keep very tightly focused on my study of the literal usage of the environment before me as I can observe personally. When a shop master explains to me how things can and do operate, I only take those into strong consideration. I observe how things actually work, keeping in mind the ideals or perceptions he gave me. The idea of hoeing out dead/redundant assets to create RAM bays seems obvious from those perspectives. From my understanding of how you want the shop to work as a free flowing, multi process environment and witnessing how brittle your flow is in practice, the slightest bit of clutter blocks up the flow due to a lack of space for in process projects that can be fully cached in RAM, I placed a high value on hoeing out dead assets and carving out real RAM bays. I expect to see that even though the clean-up has obviated the immediate need, any increase in throughput will bring the problem to the fore shortly. A Spools of Fish like sculpture in the shop right now would put us back into a glommed up state of affairs even with the cleanup.  I remain optimistic that simple clean up operations will continue making everything flow perfectly well by creating ad-hoc Ram bays to put an FMCC sculpture or three out of the way as we start getting into those types of prototypes more, but I also am not worried either way because I know you well enough to know that you'll likely recognize if that optimism is misplaced before I do.

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