Friday, June 29, 2012

Mill Arbor Milwaukee

40 nmtb 1" arbor 14" to shoulder nut
diameter of running bushing 1.7/8"

I have a few arbor mills that might do it I found on ebay. I wanted you to review them in case they are incompatible with the machine. 

I also think missives like this should be blog posts for the reason that these kinds of conversations tend to be useful information to have at hand when similar problems arise in the future. The specifics in this case are for an arbor mill and auctions that expire, but these types of problems are more generally known as business continuity sensitivities. Critical pieces of equipment with specifically sensitive components to unskilled hands that are also the highest priority to get trained on are going to fail. For those pieces, we need backup and recovery plans. 

In the past week, I put the forks out of commission, wracked the bandsaw blade, and dinged an axe. I also missed a tracking number on the first shipments. I was actually trying to be careful in all these cases. []is an experienced machinist and he wrecked an arbor. 

We should plan for a high cost of training, but with a bit of planning to have specific machine part redundancy, we can eat into those costs.